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Scheibbs is a town and district in Niederosterreich (Lower Austria) with approximately 4,500 residents. Scheibbs is a county town (Bezirkshauptstadt) and thus, important as an administrative, economic and educational centre for the region. Despite of being a pretty, historic town, Scheibbs is by no means a touristy place. It can be found in the so-called Erlauftal, about 20 kilometres south of the Westautobahn (the main highway between Vienna and Salzburg). Historically, Scheibbs had developed its Renaissance prosperity through the positive economic influence of iron ore mining and iron manufacturing. Find property for sale in Scheibbs.

After the World War II, Scheibbs recovered quickly and gained rapidly in terms of population. It grew beyond its historic city limits. Today, Scheibbs is an important regional centre with a hospital, a court and other administrative facilities. Tourists will find a limited, but well-kept infrastructure for holidays mostly spent here by domestic, Austrian tourists. In terms of sightseeing attractions, Scheibbs offers surprisingly much. Note that about one third of the historic city walls are preserved. Get your own property in Scheibbs.

Scheibbs welcomes its visitors as a charming, lovely small town. Former trade and commerce have made it a centre of the iron production. The narrow streets, the mighty mansions, the impressive parish church and the adjacent castle radiate a romantic atmosphere and invite you to a stroll through the old town. Remainants of the fortifying walls with conserved towers still provide an impression of the former defensive power of the town. The traditional ceramics of Scheibbs are renowned across the regional borders. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Scheibbs.

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