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Zwettl is a town and district capital in Niederosterreich (Lower Austria). It is chiefly known as the location of Zwettl Abbey, first mentioned in October 1139. The town of Zwettl is a county town in the Waldviertel area in the northern part of Lower Austria. It has approximately 12,000 residents if you include the immediate surroundings, with approximately 4,500 of them living directly in the city. Zwettl has the rank of a county town, which makes it an economic, administrative and intellectual centre for the region. Find property for sale in Zwettl.

Geographically, Zwettl is situated at a "crossing" of several significant valleys: The Gradnitztal, the Kamptal, the Sierningtal and the Zwettltal. Whithin Austria, Zwettl is best-known for its brewery, producing the Zwettler Bier, and the monastery of the town. In terms of land, Zwettl is among the biggest communities of Austria – which is usually an indicator of rather empty regions. Get your own property in Zwettl.

In the heart of the Waldviertel, the brewing and Kuenringer town Zwettl is embedded into five gently rolling hills around the mouth of the river Zwettl into the river Kamp. Let the Baroque and Renaissance buildings, towers and numerous sights tell you the history of the town. Zwettl has a cosy atmosphere and makes your visit a special experience. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Zwettl.

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