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Oberpullendorf, a lively town in the Burgenland, was an idyllic farming village only a few years ago. The district of Oberpullendorf has been populated since the Neolithic age. During the early Iron age the district was a flourishing iron industrial area. Josef Polatschek, a gardener and a regional researcher, was the one to map the praehistoric places. Find property for sale in Oberpullendorf.

Oberpullendorf was firstly documented in 1225 as a Hungarian frontier guard settlement. In 1853 Oberpullendorf became the location of a Hungarian revenue authority. The town was like the rest of the country a part of Hungary until 1920/1921 as a district in Sopron county.

Nowadays only the name reminds of these old times - the main town of the district has changed to a shopping center and meeting point of the region, with more than 200 shops offering you great things. The shopping streets offer you not only things for everyday life. Numerous boutiques and fashion shops have first-class clothing which reaches from basics to the latest fashion. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Oberpullendorf.

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