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Gussing is a town in Burgenland, Austria. With population of app. 3,900 people is the administrative center of the Gussing district. The town is conscious about the resources and is keen to take care and look after the surrounding forest to ensure they have a good supply of renewable energy for the future. Added to which, the town is currently using less than half of its yearly wood growth supply to feed its power plants. Thus, no cutting the substance. Find property for sale in Gussing.

Within the process of becoming energy autonomous city, a number of proprietary technologies and patents developed, to be applied in different fields, such as photovoltaic, biomass, etc. Also, extensive experience in analysis, preparation and implementation of such projects was accumulated, that experience to be given to other cities and communities willing to go the same renewable way.  Find your property in Gussing.

Gussing today enjoys truly international popularity. Thus, ECRE Gussing International AG was established as the central company to expose Gussing internationally. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Gussing.

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