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Weiz is a small town in the eastern part of Styria, Austria. The town of Weiz has a long history; settlement first took place already during Roman times. The community was first mentioned in a document in 1188. Weiz became the district capital in 1850 and raised to town status in 1932. With the founding of Elin at the beginning of the 20th century, Weiz became a centre of the electrical industry with products delivered throughout the world. Find property for sale in Weiz.

The sympathetic small town, with 9.300 inhabitants, is also a strong commercial centre today that continues to develop innovatively and dynamically. Weiz is a centre of energy in many ways. Those taking a look at the town quickly discover a wide range of visible and traceable witnesses of vital energy. This view can be revealed as a historic retrospective, which is made possible not only by the interesting buildings in the old town around the Tabor, but also the Baroque pilgrimage church on the Weizberg, up to which a spiritual path leads past seven energy rich “sources of power”. The Kunsthaus offers contemporary views and represents a successful architectural bridge to modern times in the old town centre and provides sufficient space for every form of creative energy, as does the unique Gemini House, which turns with the sun and is famous throughout Europe. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Weiz.

Municipalities of Weiz district are: Albersdorf-Prebuch, Anger, Arzberg, Baierdorf bei Anger, Birkfeld, Etzersdorf-Rollsdorf, Feistritz bei Anger, Fischbach, Fladnitz an der Teichalm, Floing, Gasen, Gersdorf an der Feistritz, Gleisdorf, Gschaid bei Birkfeld, Gutenberg an der Raabklamm, Haslau bei Birkfeld, Hirnsdorf, Hofstatten an der Raab, Hohenau an der Raab, Ilztal, Koglhof, Krottendorf, Kulm bei Weiz, Labuch, Lassnitzthal, Ludersdorf-Wilfersdorf, Markt Hartmannsdorf, Miesenbach bei Birkfeld, Mitterdorf an der Raab, Mortantsch, Naas, Neudorf bei Passail, Nitscha, Oberrettenbach, Passail, Pischelsdorf in der Steiermark, Pressguts, Puch bei Weiz, Ratten, Reichendorf, Rettenegg, Sankt Kathrein am Hauenstein, Sankt Kathrein am Offenegg, Sankt Margarethen an der Raab, Sankt Ruprecht an der Raab, Sinabelkirchen, Stenzengreith, Strallegg, Thannhausen, Ungerdorf, Unterfladnitz, Waisenegg and Weiz.

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