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Steyr is a town in the Austrian federal state of Oberosterreich (Upper Austria), located at the confluence of the rivers Steyr and Enns. The Upper Austrian city of Steyr is a rather peculiar mix of a wonderfully preserved and beautiful Altstadt town centre on the one hand and one of Austria′s most heavily industrialised cities with arms and steel manufacturers on the outskirts. One thing is sure: Steyr is worth a visit and probably offers more sights than even the province′s capital Linz. Find property for sale in Steyr.

The city itself is ancient and was founded around 980 by the counts of Styria. The earliest settlements were located around the castle and the parish church. For the next centuries, Steyr was ruled by Bavarians until the Babenbergs of Austria got hold of it in 1186. The town′s economy was based on the iron ore mining from the nearby Eisenerz Alps, for which it served as a trading spot. With the increase in iron ore production, the town′s prosperity grew over the centuries and continued to do even better after the industrialisation of Austria. Get your own property in Steyr.

Steyr is a town with a thousand years of history. A town made for promenades along the impressive main street, leafy avenues or the crystal clear river itself, Steyr´s location also allows for a wealth of interesting excursions. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Steyr.

Following sections belong to city of Steyr: Christkindl, Fohrenschacherl, Gleink, Hinterberg, Jagerberg, Sarning, Stein and Steyr.

Find property in municipalities of Steyr – Land district: Adlwang, Aschach an der Steyr, Bad Hall, Dietach, Gaflenz, Garsten, Grossraming, Laussa, Losenstein, Maria Neustift, Pfarrkirchen bei Bad Hall, Reichraming, Rohr im Kremstal, Schiedlberg, Sierning, Sankt Ulrich bei Steyr, Ternberg, Waldneukirchen, Weyer and Wolfern.

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