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Judenburg is a town in the state of Styria in Austria. It is located on the western end of the Aichfeld at the banks of the River Mur. Find property for sale in Judenburg.

The name of the town literally means "Castle of Jews", referring to the town's origin as a trading outpost for trade across the alps, in which Jews played an important role, being represented in the city's coat of arms. Located at the river Mur and holding a rather dominant position on this important trade route, the town developed to Styria′s most important economic centre. In the late Middle Ages, Judenburg controlled most of the Mur Valley trade, which consisted primarily of iron and lavender. You can learn more about the history of Judenburg as well as details on the iron heritage of this part of Styria in the Stadtmuseum or Town Museum. It has displays that show traditional techniques used in the quarries and mines as well as details on the (historical) arms manufacturing that took place here in Judenburg. Today, only minor aspects of the former industry are left, but Judenburg is an industrial and trade centre.

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Municipalities of Judenburg district are: Amering, Bretstein, Eppenstein, Fohnsdorf, Hohentauern, Judenburg, Maria Buch-Feistritz, Obdach, Oberkurzheim, Oberweg, Oberzeiring, Pols, Pusterwald, Reifling, Reisstrasse, Sankt Anna am Lavantegg, Sankt Georgen ob Judenburg, Sankt Johann am Tauern, Sankt Oswald-Moderbrugg, Sankt Peter ob Judenburg, Sankt Wolfgang-Kienberg, Unzmarkt-Frauenburg, Weisskirchen in Steiermark and Zeltweg.

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