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Hartberg is a city in Styria, Austria, the capital of the district of the same name. Hartberg has a population of app. 7,000. Find property for sale in Hartberg.

This town has a long and rich history. A settlement was located here in the Neolithic ages. One of the most important, prehistoric settlements of Styria developed on "Ringkogel" in the 3rd century BC. A massive protective wall surrounded it. Only two towers remind of the 7-8 meter high and 1500 meter long wall.

There are plenty of reasons to come to the small town of Hartberg in the border region between Styria and the Burgenland. The wine surely attracts most of the tourists that come; the spas in the "Thermenland" don′t harm the image of the area either. The general remoteness of the region and the access to some of Austria′s most impressive castles surely helped to promote the area as a holiday destination - although it remained something like a specialist′s secret compared to Austria′s tourism hubs. Buy your real-estate (flat, apartment, house, luxury villa, land or business/commercial property) in Hartberg.

Municipalities of Hartberg district are: Bad Waltersdorf, Blaindorf, Buch-Geiseldorf, Dechantskirchen, Dienersdorf, Ebersdorf, Eichberg, Friedberg, Grafendorf bei Hartberg, Greinbach, Grosshart, Hartberg, Hartberg Umgebung, Hartl, Hofkirchen bei Hartberg, Kaibing, Kaindorf, Lafnitz, Limbach bei Neudau, Monichwald, Neudau, Pinggau, Pollau, Pollauberg, Puchegg, Rabenwald, Riegersberg, Rohr bei Hartberg, Rohrbach an der Lafnitz, Saifen-Boden, Sankt Jakob im Walde, Sankt Johann bei Herberstein, Sankt Johann in der Haide, Sankt Lorenzen am Wechsel, Sankt Magdalena am Lemberg, Schachen bei Vorau, Schaffern, Schlag bei Thalberg, Schonegg bei Pollau, Sebersdorf, Siegersdorf bei Herberstein, Sonnhofen, Stambach, Stubenberg, Tiefenbach bei Kaindorf, Vorau, Vornholz, Waldbach, Wenigzell and Worth an der Lafnitz.

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